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Happy Tails!

We wanted to share a few of the amazing stories of the dogs who found their forever families and give you an update on how they're doing, what their new name is and show how they look today. If you've adopted one of our dogs, please send us updates so we may include them in our Happy Tails section!

Daisy aka Pink

You may remember me, my name was Pink and I was rescued from under an abandoned house with my seven siblings. I have a new Mom and Dad now and they have named me Daisy. I am so happy because I have a Chihuahua brother that loves to play with me. I've already gone on a camping trip with my new family and I'm fitting in marvelously. I want to thank everyone who has donated to help save my life!

Lil G aka Princess

Hi, I'm Princess! I'm the one saved from horrific attacks by my owners' other dogs. I was hurt really badly, but the love and care I got by my Ms. Misty at Amoré saved my life! Lots of people wanted me, but none of them understood how scared I was. Then one day, this man I call Papa, he had his heart broken and my Aunt Sherry knew I was the one to help him heal just like he was gonna help me heal. Now I'm living an awesome life! I have a Papa, an Aunt Susan, a Grandpa, and more love than I know what to do with! You can follow my adventures on Facebook and see what a happy, silly girl I've become!

Lil G the Pit Bull

Hi, I’m Indy! I spent months on the street, wandering, hungry, alone. Two ladies, Ashley and Trish, tried and tried to gain my trust and finally, one day, they caught me! They fostered me for a long time, then finally someone wanted to adopt me! It was a happy day, only it didn’t last, they brought me back and it wasn’t even my fault! That’s when Trish and Ashley knew I was meant to be their boy! Now I have fur siblings and a family and everything! Life is awesome!


I finally found a home and let me tell you it's a great one! I'm Willow and my new parents are keeping my name, how awesome is that? I used to be very shy, but now I am a social butterfly. I have a Pit Bull brother and a baby human sister who is my best friend, we do everything together. I am very happy with my new life and just wanted to thank everyone who helped me on my journey.

Stormy aka Gabby

Hi! You probably know me as Gabby. I was one of the babies rescued from under an abandoned house. Well, now my name is Stormy and I have a new family! I'm super excited because I have a mom and dad of my own. Oh, and a new canine brother, his name is Brody. I am loved very much. Guess what? I even have a toy box with lots of toys that I can play with any time I want! I'm not hungry or cold or alone anymore.  Now my happily ever after begins!


Hey, did you hear? I got a new home! Oh, yeah, I'm Dopey! I just wanted to take a minute to tell you I got an awesome new family. I have a new mom and two human brothers as well as a dog brother and a dog sister! Whew, that's a lot! I hear I must be something special because my new dog sister doesn't like anyone, but she sure does like me. I sure am happy now and can't thank Amoré Pit Bull Rescue enough for saving me!