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Join the Amoré Pit Bull Rescue Foster Program


Amoré Pit Bull Rescue has a small facility that can only house a handful of animals, yet we receive an average of 30-40 pleas a week to rescue more. As a responsible rescue, we often have to say no simply because there is physically no more space to place an animal. That's where pet foster parents come into play. As a foster parent, the pet stays in your home until adopted by their forever family. Fostering saves the life of the pet in foster care, plus makes space for another animal at the shelter. By foster, you're saving at least two lives!

Pet foster parents are very much like child foster parents. They care for a homeless pet as if he was their own until he is adopted. Learning to live in a home environment is so much better for our dogs. They are able to get more individualized care in someone's home. It also gives them better socialization skills, which makes them a more well-adjusted pet. Also, the foster parent is able to learn about the pet's personality, likes, and dislikes so that he can be better matched to the right forever home. Most importantly, pet foster parents save lives!


If you join our foster program, we will match you with a suitable pet to foster. For example, if you have a female dog who does not get along with other females, we will only have you foster male dogs. If you work full time and cannot care for young puppies, we will only have foster adults. 

Who pays for veterinary care?

All veterinary care is paid for by Amoré Pit Bull Rescue. We'll make the appointments for spay/neuter surgery and any other care the foster dog needs. If your foster has an emergency or needs special care, just let us know (24/7) and we'll approve you to go to an emergency clinic near you. You provide shelter, transportation to and from vet appointments, adoption events, and plenty of love! If you take the animal to the vet without our permission, YOU are responsible for the charges.

How long will I have to keep the dog?

It's impossible to predict how long an animal will remain in foster care. Some pets are adopted within a few days of becoming available. Others wait a several months for a home. Amoré NEVER euthanizes an animal for taking too long to be adopted. Our animals stay with us for as long as it takes. We ask you to carefully consider this before committing to fostering an animal. It's unfair to the animal to foster for a few days/weeks, then decide it's not what you want. We expect our foster parents to commit for the long haul. Again, we cannot stress this enough – if you're not willing to commit time and energy to the animal, do NOT fill out a foster application. 

What supplies will I need to buy as a foster home?

Nothing! Amoré will provide you with everything you need: crate, food, collar, leash, flea/tick medication, and all veterinary costs (approved by us). We also provide you with 24-hour on call support should you need anything while fostering. We value our fosters very much and want you to have the best experience possible in saving a life. All you provide is love!

How do I become a pet foster parent?

If you feel you can help in any way and live within a 30-mile radius of the Tulsa area, please submit an application for the type of animal you are interested in fostering. If you have specific questions about our foster program, please contact us. If you see a particular pet on Facebook who you would like to foster, let us know.